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Current Projects

Anywhere Bonnie C

Hello! All of my genealogy research services are currently half off! Please see my website at: or contact me at ...

Bronx Melanie M

I'm looking for someone who can visit the diocese archives and individual parishes to locate the Baptisimal and Marriage records for one of my ancestors. This ancestor and her husband are brick walls for me. I know a little more about her than I do about him, but I don't have a ...

Maine David G

Looking for parents of Rev. John Clark. He was likely born in Newcastle, Maine abt 1793 and died in Prospect, Waldo Maine 8 Aug 1871. He was a Baptist circuit Preacher. He is buried in what is known a Clark Cemetery in Prospect. He married Elizabeth (Betsey) Walter 1817 in Waldob ...

Joliet Barbara W

how do you locate a person that you only have the address for in name sister had to give up the baby for adoption. so now niece found out who her mother is and her mother doesnt know the fathers name. so . niece doesn't want to meet mother yet. she contacted me so tryin ...

Anywhere Stefan H

August Hofmann born 1903-05-03 Kynsperk nad Ohri. Married to Marie Wutschka 1926. Looking for information what happened to them. ...

Alabama Melissa W

the williams boles morgan ...

Anywhere mari d

Looking for the education of George Whitfield Crane son of William Crane, George was born in Richmond Virginia, the family moved to Baltimore Maryland when he was about 4-7 years, he was the youngest son of William's first marriage. He became an attorney however his family were i ...

Estonia William O

Looking for information on Simon Johann Oehmann b.about 1740 in Weissenstien, Estonia Died 1784 in Paide, Jarvammaa, Estonia ...

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