• Click Register on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Complete each field in the Registration box:
    • Your first and last name – your first name and last name initial will be displayed to other users within the RootsBid community.
    • Your email address – this is never displayed to other users
    • Create a new password
    • The city, state/province and/or country where you reside – as you begin to type, a drop-down list of Google locations will appear; please choose one from the list. This information gives RootsBid the general location of the user for notifications in the area.
    • Consider the options for notifications and newsletter
    • Review the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the link
    • Click on Register – the brown button at the bottom.

You are now registered and are at the website homepage. You will see your name in the top right corner, as well as an orange circle with a “1” in the center. This is a RootsBid alert notification. Your first alert is your registration “thank you.” Always check this area while using the website.

  • The next time you come to the website, just click Login on the top-right corner of the screen and enter your email address and password used during registration. If you have forgotten your password, click the on “Forgot password?” link and you will receive a temporary password. Login with this password, and then create a new password for your account.
  • Member Account Options: Users can access their account details by using the drop-down menu found on their name in the top right corner


Post a Project

  • To begin, click on the “Post Your Project” button at the top of the page.
  • On the “Post a New Project” page, you will need to enter as much information as you can in each of the fields. Be aware that all of this information is available for everyone to see. Do not include your personal information anywhere in the project.
  • Title of Project – enter a concise yet descriptive title. This will attract your bidders.
  • Description – Enter a detailed description of your request. Be very specific with this information you need on your ancestor. You will have a better result with your bidders.
  • Location – Provide the specific location of where you believe the information can be found. This will allow the RootsBid community members, aka potential bidders, to receive a notification in that specific area. If you feel your project can be fulfilled no matter where the bidder is located, select the “Anywhere” option.
  • Keywords and Tags – This field is optional but can be helpful for potential bidders. Suggested keywords could include the location, types of record needed, ancestor names, etc.
  • Review Project – Take a few minutes and review your information for accuracy. You can edit your project information at any time, but you cannot delete a project.
  • Submit Project – Click the “Submit Project” button at the bottom of the page.
  • At this point, your Project will be made public on the RootsBid home page.
  • Your Projects – You are now on the “My Projects” page. This is accessible to you any time by accessing the Account Menu in the drop-down menu in the top right corner.


Find a Project Near You

If you signed up for Notifications, you will receive an email when a project is posted near you.

If you want to search for projects near you, begin at the RootsBid home page, and scoll down to the list of “Current Projects.” On the right side, there is a search box  to “Find Projects Near Me.” Enter your location in the search box, and click Go!


Communication on a Project

  • Within each Project, there is a Message area. This can be found by selecting “View Project.” This allows those involved in a project – the owner and the bidder – to freely communicate with each other. This communication will take place here on the website, and notification emails will be sent to you, directing you back to the website/project message area. You can go directly to the project, or click on the Notification circle in the top right corner to view your messages.
  • RootsBid community members can communicate with each before a bid is submitted or accepted. This allows for any questions or clarifications to be understood before an agreement is in place.


Bid on a Project

Click the “Bid on a Project” button at the top right of the page.

The list of current projects will be displayed. Users can scroll through all of the projects, or you can narrow down the list by using the location search bar (as discussed above.)

Once you see a project that you wish to explore, click on “View Project.” The details of the project will be displayed for you to review. If you want some more details, submit your question to the Project Owner by using the question box on this page.  If you are ready to bid, scroll down to the “Make an Offer” box. All bids must be entered using US Dollars ($USD.) You may also add some comments in the offer box. Once you have reviewed your offer, click on “Submit My Bid.”  The Project Owner can now review your bid, and send any questions back to the Bidder if necessary.

As a bidder, it is important to understand that RootsBid keeps 20% of the total funded amount. Please refer to our policy here:

Once a bid has been accepted by the owner, the bidder will receive a message with this good news! Currently the bidder is advised NOT to begin work on the project until a notification is received that the project has been funded by the Owner.


Fund a Project

RootsBid uses an escrow payment system to provide security for both the project owner and bidder.

Once the owner has accepted a bid on a project, the project shows up in the “My Money” section of the owner’s account. The project will show a status of “Bid Accepted $x.xx” with a link beside it prompting you to “Fund this Project.”  The project will not be initiated until the owner funds the project.

To protect all users, RootsBid holds this payment in escrow until the project is completed by the bidder, and the owner approves the release of the payment to the bidder.
After the owner has funded the project, the status will change to “Funded.”  At this point, the bidder will begin the actual research.


Complete a Project

The bidder will do the work as detailed and agreed to in the project. Any files/documents will be uploaded by the bidder within the project area on the website. The project owner can review the uploaded files, and both can decide that the work is completed. The bidder can then mark the project “Complete.” At that point, the owner will also approve and complete the project. Once the project is completed and the owner has received the work, owner can click on “Release Payment.” The funds will be released from escrow and moved into the bidder’s account.


Dispute a Project

If a bidder is unable to complete the project, or if the owner feels it was not completed satisfactorily, a “Dispute” option is available. These are carefully looked at by an independent genealogy expert, and that decision will be final.


Project Payment to Bidder

As a bidder, you must have your own PayPal account to receive the payment. Bidders understand that RootsBid keeps a small percentage of the total funded amount. Please refer to our policy here:

A bidder will consider their work complete once all files have been uploaded to the project on the website.  The bidder must initiate the “completion” first. Payments made to the bidder will be transferred into their RootsBid account. These funds can be used to pay for other projects that the bidder may create, or funds can be transferred to your PayPal account.


Rate my Bidder

Once a project is closed, we want Project Owners to rate the bidder. This helps build their trust profile within RootsBid.


Helps / Blog

Our RootsBid team is here to help. We invite you to visit our blog at where we have many helpful articles. You can also send us a direct message using the “Contact Us” option at the bottom of our home page. We will get back with you right away!