Last update: February, 2015

The Basics

  • Only registered users may post requests and bid on requests on RootsBid. Registration is free.
  • Users whose bid on a request is accepted must fulfill their bid or they risk negative feedback and will not receive any payment.
  • Users may not offer or accept payments using any method other than through 
  • We care about your privacy. You can read our Privacy Policy here. The Privacy Policy is a part of these Terms of Service.

Bidding on a Request


  • Users who post a request pay the price of the bid as soon as a bid is accepted, in advance of the project initiating. RootsBid holds this payment in escrow as a protection to both parties until the project is completed and approved.
  • RootsBid credits bidders once an order is completed and the user who posted the request has received the work, logged in, and released their payment from escrow.
  • Bidders may withdraw their revenues at any time into their PayPal account.
  • If an order is cancelled (for any reason), the payment funds will be returned in full to the user who posted the request.


  • RootsBid is all about helping get genealogy work done and recognizes the trust between users this requires. For every transaction, there is an opportunity for each user to rate the other, helping to build their profile reputation.  Each users profile becomes a determining factor, in addition to price, in whether a poster accepts their bid on a project.

Handling Requests

  • When a user bids on a posted request, the poster is notified by email.
  • Bidders are required to meet the delivery time they specified when bidding on the request. Failing to do so will allow the buyer to cancel the order and may harm the seller's rating.
  • Both posters and bidders have the option to cancel an order by mutual agreement. Mutual cancellations have no negative effect on rating.

Staying out of Trouble

  • All communications, information and file exchanges must be performed exclusively using RootsBid’s messaging system.
  • Posting or sending adult, illegal, rude, abusive, improper, copyright protected, promotional, spam, violent, nonsense or any uncool stuff is strictly prohibited. Doing so will get your account blocked permanently.

Work Delivery & Communications

  • You are responsible for scanning all transferred files for viruses and malware. RootsBid will not be held responsible for any damages which might occur due to site usage, use of content or files transferred.
  • Responding and posting a review: Once work is delivered, the poster has three days to respond and post a review. If no response is provided within the respond time, the order will be considered completed.

Withdrawing Revenues

  • Revenues are available immediately once a project has been completed and its payment released.
  • PayPal may charge additional transaction fees.


  • Some of the services requested on RootsBid may necessitate the shipping of documents or photos between the parties.  In these situations, bidders may decide to add additional charges for shipping. Bidders can add shipping prices to their bid for local shipping (within the same country) and for international shipping (anywhere else).
  • Bidders are responsible for all shipping arrangements once the poster supplies the shipping address.
  • RootsBid does not handle or guarantee shipping, tracking, quality, and condition of items or their delivery and shall not be responsible or liable for any damages or other problems resulting from shipping.

General Terms

  • Violation of RootsBid’s Terms of Service may get your account blocked permanently.
  • Disputes should be handled using RootsBid’s dispute resolution tools (Submit Dispuate' on the My Money page) or by contacting RootsBid customer support.
  • RootsBid reserves the right to put any account on hold or permanently cancel accounts due to breach of these terms or any illegal or inappropriate use of the site or services. Users with accounts on hold will not be able to post request or bid on requests on RootsBid.
  • RootsBid may make changes to its Terms of Service from time to time. When these changes are made, RootsBid will make a new copy of the terms of service available on its website
  • You understand and agree that if you use RootsBid after the date on which the Terms of Service have changed, RootsBid will treat your use as acceptance of the updated Terms of Service.


  • We encourage our posters and bidders to try and settle conflicts amongst themselves. If for any reason this fails, users can contact RootsBid’s customer support department for assistance here.

Ownership and Limitations

Ownership and limitations: unless clearly stated otherwise in the project description text, when the work is delivered, the poster is granted all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights for the work delivered from the bidder and the bidder waives any and all moral rights therein. The bidder expressly agrees to assign to poster the copyright in any delivered services that do not meet the requirements of a work-for-hire under the U.S. Copyright Act. Additionally, independent of the U.S. Copyright Act, the bidder agrees that unless he indicated otherwise in the bid description, once the order is completed the bidder assigns along with it to the poster, to the fullest extent possible under the law, all of its rights, title and interest, if any, in and to the delivered service and waives any and all moral rights in connection therewith. All transfer and assignment of intellectual property to buyer shall be subject to full payment for the project.

Bidders further confirm that whatever information they receive from the poster, which is not public domain, shall not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than for the delivery of the work to the poster.

Furthermore, users (both bidders and posters) agree that unless they explicitly indicate otherwise, the content users voluntarily create/upload to RootsBid, including texts, photos, videos, usernames, user photos, user videos and any other information, including the display of delivered work, may be used by RootsBid for no consideration for marketing and/or other purposes.

We wish to remind that RootsBid’s content is based on User Generated Content (UGC). RootsBid does not check user uploaded/created content for violations of copyrights, trademarks or other rights. We invite everyone to report suspected violations together with proof of ownership. Reported violating content will be removed. Furthermore, RootsBid is not responsible for the content, quality or the level of service provided by the Bidders. We provide no warranty with respect to the projects, their delivery, and any communications between bidders and posters. We encourage users to take advantage of our rating system, our community and common sense in choosing appropriate bidders and projects.